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Wires & Threads

We recommend using quality wires and threads for your beading and sewing creations. 

Stringing wires are flexible, drape-y and are used for jewellery making such as threaded beaded necklaces and bracelets where jewellery findings such as crimps, lobster clasps and rings are used to attach and finish off the ends. 

Craft wires are stiff yet bend-able and are used for wire-wrapping, artistic wire work and any project where the wire is required to stay in place once finished. The cost of Craft Wires is dependent on the cost of the raw materials, in this case silver, which can cause the price to vary from shipment to shipment. 

Other wires such as Elastoma are used for where a clear look is important, with Elastoma being used for stretch bracelets.

Fireline is an excellent product for use when making beaded fringing, woven bead work and to sew on large jewel shapes and bead embellishments.

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