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What a unique set of challenges a worldwide pandemic has managed to conjure up for us all. At our end, we ask that you please expect delays, but hopefully we can get your order out within 24 working hours and even on the same day you order it, just as usual. We are also, like most businesses, experiencing stock delays due to shipping and availability. 
In the meantime thank you for your understanding and your patience.



Since Nov 2020, Swarovski realigned all fields of their supply activity worldwide. This shift in operational model was based on their new strategic direction which was to refocus and re-position Swarovski in the attainable luxury segment, and in response to current and recent new global economic realities.

At the end of 2020, Swarovski Professional, the Swarovski division that deals in supply of the range of loose components to the likes of suppliers such as ourselves, ceased the activity of supplying the global loose components market. 

This means that as Swarovski items sell out, they will not be able to be replaced. Most customers are making the switch to Preciosa if they are unable to find the items they need in our remaining Swarovski stock. You will also continue to find Swarovski in most of our crystal and rhinestone categories while stocks last. When they get to a critically low number you will find the item may have shifted to this category.  

We have been extremely proud and fortunate to have been aligned so strongly with the Swarovski brand, since we first brought our first indent of loose crystals into NZ to supply to the dance market back in the early 1990's, and went on to become their first and only ever 'Swarovski Brand & Distribution Partner' for NZ. 

On a personal note, having stewarded the business and being aligned with this leading brand for so long while doing so, I have enjoyed their support and inclusion, and stocking their beautiful product has been a great source of professional pride. With the Swarovski 'tap getting turned off' we have simply pivoted to focus purely on our other successful long-term partnerships with Preciosa and Arabesque crystals respectively. 

We will, as always, be doing our absolute best to do everything possible to serve you with beautiful crystals and friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service.  

xx Donna.

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It's good to know that right here in NZ... CAN shop locally AND confidently from experts, selecting from a truly international range of Swarovski® and Preciosa® rhinestones, flatbacks, beads, crystals and pearls to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Swarovski Meridian Blue Sew-On's and flatbacks and various Swarovski bicones

Sought-after rhinestone and bead supplies for making jewellery, for Dancesport, for Irish Dance, for Rhythmic Gymnastics, for Burlesque, for Ballet, for Fitness culture, gems for Make-up Artistry, for craft embellishing, for Bridal, for Nail Art, for dressmaking and for all stage & performance wear - all the diamantés, crystals and sparkle you need is here!

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...and at Rhinestonz & Beads we're proudly to remain fiercely independent and able to determine our own stocked products according to our over 30 years of experience and knowledge of our client's needs.  Swarovski Hyacinth Shimmer Art 2088 Flatbacks ss30

But sometimes a cheaper alternative is all you need?

Yes, fair enough.

We have those too:)

Arabesque Hotfix Rhinestones Crystal AB

Carefully selected (because let's be frank folks - not all cheap rhinestones are created equal), lower-cost alternatives - Arabesque®, Jewel Acrylic, and DANZA rhinestones - brilliant for all the right reasons (including the ever-important budget!).

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Every day we deal with mums (& sometimes dads), dancers, dressmakers, teachers, performers, craft people, businesses & designers from many fields of expertise. From tiny Swarovski nail art orders to large commercial installation indents - we delight in meeting the needs of our diverse clientele.

We're inspired by our customers and our products - let us in turn inspire you!

Donna & the Rhinestonz & Beads team

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Gem-Tac Non-Toxic Adhesive 2oz

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"That was the fastest response time (from both you and Katy) and the fastest delivery ever!! I literally squeaked when I opened the courier package and realized it was my rhinestones already. Amazing service! Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you! Will let you know if I have any questions."

- L.F. Auckland

Donna Writes...

Stay safe and well everyone! We're still experiencing delays in some overseas ordering, while others come through nice and fast. Do note that as each Swarovski item sells out, it cannot be replaced with more from Swarovski. Preciosa is the brand that everyone is turning to, and for good reason, as it is beautiful, but yes there are supply pressures from time to time. If in doubt, please enquire!