Crystal Pearls / Swarovski Pearl Art 5810 Gemcolor Coral 10mm

Swarovski Pearl Art 5810 Gemcolor Coral 10mm

Swarovski Pearl Art 5810 Gemcolor Coral 10mm

Swarovski Crystal Gemcolor Pearls emulate natural opaque gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Jade, Coral, Obsidian and Ivory. Made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative coating, creating a polished, flawless and shiny surface, the Swarovski gemcolor range of pearls offers unlimited combination possibilities with their colourful loose crystal elements collection. Swarovski pearls are highly resistant to scratches and abrasion, UV light, and alcohol-based perfumes.

Measurements 10mm diameter

Colour Coral Pearl. This pearl colour is from the Gemcolor range of Swarovski Pearls. As such, it looks great with other gemcolour pearls, non-gemcolour pearls, and in the case of Coral - crystals such as Turquoise, Padparadscha and Light Peach. You can download a gorgeous Swarovski Create Your Style pdf Gemcolors Inspiration Sheet from our FAQ's & Resources page, which shows all the wonderful combinations possible with these very on-trend pearl beads.

Material Crystal core and polished gem coating

Country of Origin Austria

Hole Configuration One hole through the centre

Inside Hole Diameter 0.80mm (tolerance 0.70mm to 0.90mm)

More Info The inside hole diameter of a Swarovski Round Pearl 10mm can accommodate one strand of Elastoma thread (0.80mm), two strands of .018" (0.46mm) stringing wire, three strands of .014" (0.35mm) stringing wire, and wire gauge up to 20 gauge thickness. The pearl coating at one end of the hole can tend to encroach a little more on the hole than it does at the other end of the hole. This can mean that the full breadth of the inside hole diameter may not seem to be available. However, we have found that by pushing any wire (stiff or otherwise) through the hole and working the tight end around on the wire while it is in the hole, can loosen off some of the coating to enable an easier route for your flexible wires or threads.

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