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Top-Hole Bicones..pendant or bead?

Top-Hole Bicones..pendant or bead?

Well, technically the top-hole bicone is a pendant. It has a hole at the top, pre-drilled from one side to the other, and that hole is at the tip of one end of the bi-cone. This makes it a pendant because it 'hangs' from the top. It's even in the Article 6000's pendants range at Swarovski, being Art 6301. And, all of the top-hole bicones, no matter how big or small they are, essentially do the same thing, and that is...'hang'.

But, and this is where it gets interesting...the smaller the top-hole bicone is, say 6mm, the more it behaves like any other 6mm bead - you can thread it, loop it, put it on a headpin - (and not a pendant bail in sight!, yay!) but with the distinct interest of having it's hole off centre. Suddenly, stacking these as beads takes on a whole new dimension. At first it can feel like everything is wonky and out of control, but once you give into that feeling, really nice designs can happen (isn't that always the way!).

Once you've got your top-hole bicones on a piece of stringing wire, try applying a little gravity, or gently coax them along the wire till they are all bunched up. Using this application we made a fabulous bracelet. 

a rather sweet little suncatcher with lovely rainbow-creating crystals for our prisms range...

and some colourful earrings...

Should you want to use them as pendants, try this idea. String along as a bead, and intersperse with bicones or beads of your choice to keep them separated. We thought this made a lovely 'lace' effect. 

Gorgeous for a wedding necklace or special occasion idea for a school ball. And how about this for a little bit different - edgy Jet 8mm Top-Hole Bicones and Dark Red Coral Art 5000 Round Beads in 6mm, combined with standard through hole 6mm bicones in Jet, and our Tapered Bail and 30mm Jet Navette Pendant all for a bit of wow factor! 

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